Your Pest Band - Never Fall You Again

by Your Pest Band



The debut European release from Tokyo's Your Pest Band.

3 track 7" available from Brassneck Records in the UK as of October 2015.


released October 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Brassneck Records Cardiff, UK

Brassneck Records began life in 2010 as a punk vinyl distro via a spare bedroom in a terraced house in Cardiff (UK). 2013 (finally) saw Brassneck attain "label" status with the release of the debut LP from Chestnut Road (technically the 3rd release on the label). ... more

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Track Name: Never Fall You Again
Is that going through red lights?
I'm getting different things in this broken world
You need something in dazzling lights
I'm staying away from nothing brilliant

It's just dancing with the free astriction
We regard its aspect
Everything's going to unspread like nothing is wrong
You'll never try to leave it alone

Walking on the shadow from deathless lights
Widened the pupils, fixed the static mood
You need something in different lights
I'm getting over it for just another scene

We are following to other conclusion
That's never cross like inverse things
I'll never turn them back
Just waiting for the another door
That's never locked like empty locations
I'll never fall you again
Track Name: Escape
Why our facts still around this stupid world
You can go across the universe on a plate here
I still can't throw away any problems
These bribe my soul, the billion wires here

I don't know how I can escape
I just wanna, gotta go...

There are many assumptions in the straight world
You can disrupt any law of the universe
I just see your back, it never dies
It sticks my brain, the billion things here

How can I clean shitty dump haze?

I don't know how I can escape
I just wanna, gotta go...
Track Name: You Fit
You fit this world that I never know
I can't search out the any mystery
But I know something happen, it's never land
I just keep blink when it's wriggle around

I got sober for this world
But never go hopeless, over
I cannot go anywhere
It's just keep still