by Custody

This is the end as we all start to fall apart, united. Turn out the lights, lock all the doors, abandon me in silence. Alone in misery, is where I want to be. Don´t try to pull me up or I´ll hit you hard and break your face! Are you ok? Are you alright? These questions they surround us. What do you care? What is the cause? Don´t try to patronise us! A silent mutiny of the forsaken heresy. If you try to tear us down we´ll hit you hard and break your face! Come and simplify my thoughts. Try to simplify my thoughts
Just another dark and rainy day It's been too long I can hear you whispering in my mind: Come on let go Got stuck with my usual ways, of being drunk Misery laughs at me but you won't laugh along We get lost in the altered states Every time we hesitate Should we stay silent or let it all come out Just another cruel and lonesome day It can´t be wrong Thought I had my arms around her But she was a long time gone Got sucked in the depths of rage When you moved on Misery laughs at me And you will laugh along.
She Said 03:29
She said: things happened to her once and no one cared She said: things that blackened her good heart are here again They should've let her walk on her own. They should've let her walk on her own. He said: things that happened to her once can't be explained He said: things that happened to her once brought out the rage.
Standing in the doorway with my suitcase. Was I leaving? I don´t recall. Standing in the doorway with my suitcase. Tell my why and where to go! This is the cause This is the cause That made me crawl That made me crawl Under your eyes Who let the weeds grow taller in our garden? Was it my last fault? Who let the weeds grow taller in our garden? Is that why you gave him a call This is the cause… Pull down the shades, we´re home now.
Some things should have been buried forever. One mistake and the ghosts come knocking at your door. Some words should have never been spoken. Tame your heart and let yourself go forward. Forgiveness is a lesson to learn. Sometimes just too hard to digest. Give up and you'll going to get burned. You can make it if you believe in yourself. You told him everything about you. He knew how to fire up your trust. About your cats and your love to certain movies. He was lit up when you shared your special secrets. We all need comfort. We don't need to confront this shit. It all seems so impossible. I have to beat myself To get rid of it.
Broken to pieces Lies that came out Replaced my heart with a hole The unknown places That I shouldn't have known about Revealed and now we're on the go When you are forsaken And it's hard to tell which way to turn And your life walks backwards And you forget everything you've learned We're at the breaking point I hold my breath and wait, no need to be afraid. This is the breaking point I hope you feel alright when I fade into the night. I've gathered the pieces Now I'm ready to adjust To whatever you feel I must The unknown places That I came to know about Forgotten and gone to rust.
Blindfold 03:09
Worlds divide A few cries for truth The opposite was fearless But they died too soon I got lost in heartaches Blindfolded my eyes trapped in mistakes too many knots to untie I gotta go, I gotta go, gotta go. Before my heart starts to unfold. Forgot all the reasons that could make me stay I've learned to keep myself occupied by letting my heart Run out wild to the depths of the ocean and behind the moon. Came out, you are the reason why My life began to bloom.
No time to sleep! I mean: the action is go! There's still a hundred miles to catch And the engine's running low The last two weeks Have been the best times of our lives No words left to explain What I feel deep inside Hold on! All else is meaningless! Hold on! No time to sleep I need the sweat! I Need the roll! Another hundred miles to catch And the engine's running cold
My head hurts My head hurts when she's gone I tried to look her up But then found out I was alone A lifetime wasted in searching A lifetime wasted in searching I pulled her up and dragged her down Embraced her lips and shred her gown Thoughts I hate are because of her I never thought I'd break the curse My head hurts My head hurts when she's gone She had another on that I knew of all along. When did we fall into nothing? When did we fall into nothing?
Are we there Are we there yet? What's the time? What's the road sign that we just saw? Why are we speeding? Why are we pulling off? What's the name What's the name again? The city that we just passed by? I couldn't help that feeling This is happening in another time The roads we travel These songs that we play The floors we sleep on The goals that we gain The miles die under the wheels The road is our home tonight I've never been this alive Comes a time Comes a time again When the road hits hard And nights are long That's when I keep you close Together we pull through it all



Custody are a five piece melodic punk band from Southern Finland and, while they only formed in 2015, they are no newcomers to punk, with almost 100 years of combined experience of playing in bands, touring and releasing records.

It's 5 years later and those of you who know the band from their previous singles and debut album already know roughly what to expect here; melodic punk with a strong nod to Samiam and Leatherface. But this time something has changed... there's a greater emphasis on bolder, bigger choruses and harmonies and the guitar interplay and musicianship has moved to the next level. I'm not one for hyperbole and I don't like to throw words like 'masterpiece' around too freely but Custody have just made their biggest and best record to date and I encourage everyone to check this band out.

Limited orange vinyl available from Brassneck Records [UK], Combat Rock Industry [Finland] & Shield Recordings [Netherlands]


released March 27, 2020

Bass – Antti Jumppainen
Drums – Joose Gröhn
Guitar – Pasi Palojärvi
Guitar, Vocals – Ilkka Tuominen
Vocals – Sami Nykänen


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