Ghost On Tape - Ignoring All Traffic Lights 7"

by Ghost On Tape



Ghost On Tape are French pop punk band from Toulouse. They kick arse.

4 track 7" available from Brassneck in the UK now including a version of the record with a limited edition sleeve.

Split release with Bad Mood Asso, Guerilla Asso & Les Disques de Géraldine from France.


released April 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Brassneck Records Cardiff, UK

Brassneck Records began life in 2010 as a punk vinyl distro via a spare bedroom in a terraced house in Cardiff (UK). 2013 (finally) saw Brassneck attain "label" status with the release of the debut LP from Chestnut Road (technically the 3rd release on the label). ... more

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Track Name: Is It A Car Crash We Are Living Now?
We hold on to a broken spine
Pieces of glass stuck in our eyes
We're about to die.
Is it a car crash we're living now?

We're heading to a dead end road,
Our heavy hearts ready to implode.
Is it a car crash we're living now?
Is it a car crash we are living now?

Driving away from our history,
Ignoring all traffic lights,
We fade away, we fade away, we fade away,
As you stay in silence, I'm choking by your side.
Track Name: Beyond The Limits Of Time And Space
You're living fast, I'm dying slow
Your heart in space, mine down below
You raise me up, I pull you down
We're dancing out of time

If we can't defy a shitty foe
Oh, let's deny gravity's law
You raise me up, I pull you down
We're dancing out of time

I hold you anyway, far from the ground
I hold you anyway, we're out of time
I hold you anyway, far from the ground
You show me a light, I'm still alive
Track Name: Our Love Is A Mess
You, you lived in my chest
Here, you built up a nest
You removed all the pain
Accepted my shames

Now, we're lost in a lie
Our only light is a spark in the night
You are leaving my land

Oh please understand
Our love is a mess
Please let me go away
We live in regrets, we live in regrets

And I know you think I let you down
I just hope you'll be fine
Track Name: Lighthouse
Your voice resonates in the dark
Repulsing scary sounds around
Without a noise, straight to my heart
Describing how my life could be if I survive

Oh, stronger than a kiss
Your words they keep me warm
Stronger than a kiss
They guide me like a lighthouse in the night

A sandstorm has invaded each
And every corner of my poor ambulant soul
There is no place I wanna reach
And you show me ways I can avoid to come back home

You're a lighthouse