Epic Problem / Holiday - Split 7"

by Epic Problem / Holiday



7" vinyl release from 2 great UK bands, EPIC PROBLEM & HOLIDAY. 2 colours of vinyl released across 5 labels - Brassneck, JSNTGM, Prejudice Me, Pumpkin & Smegma. All vinyl copies include a lyric sheet & free download code.


released January 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Brassneck Records Cardiff, UK

Brassneck Records began life in 2010 as a punk vinyl distro via a spare bedroom in a terraced house in Cardiff (UK). 2013 (finally) saw Brassneck attain "label" status with the release of the debut LP from Chestnut Road (technically the 3rd release on the label). ... more

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Track Name: Epic Problem - Petrol Blue
Petrol blue was the colour of the sky that day
When we plotted and we schemed, we planned out getaway
Gotta get out of this Godforsaken one horse fucking town
And I'm never coming back, I'm never turning round

And the grass might not be greener
Doesn't matter, I'm colour blind
The streets might not be paved with gold
But I know to me they'll shine

Gotta get away from small minded small town mentality
Away from casual racisim and cod philosophy

But it's a long way down from the top back to the bottom
Tired of everybody getting in your face
Yeah, it's a long way down from the top back to the bottom
When you hit every branch along the way

Bitter sweet was the taste in the air that night
Razor sharp was the thorn that stuck into my side
Anachronistic plotted history I've heard a thousand fucking times
You're a living premonition just to ugly to disguise

And as I write away my chance to get away as far as I can
My past ingrained into my future as I fall back down again
Those satrs shine brightest on the darkest nights
Bit I long for the days
With all my dreams infront ofme
Behind that petrol haze
Track Name: Epic Problem - Blindside
Don't point your finger at me, pretending it's a gun
Don't point your finger at me, unless your finger's set on stun
Don't even look my fucking way
I know your death ray glare can kill
Turn me into stone, left here standing on my own

Tried looking, not seeing anything
Tried listening, not hearing anything
Keep talking, saying nothing to me

You write you're having fun, don't look like fun to me
You're having so much fun, don't seem like fun to me
You've got it all worked out, I've got a big white empty place
Gonna fill it up with hate, fill it up with vitriol and rage
Track Name: Holiday - Isolation Is A Lonely Place To Be
A point of desperation
But how am I suppossed to feel when I can't see any way out?
A mind blinded by scriptures,
But how am I suppossed to hope when I can't see any way out?

A matter of days,
Days before I end this farce I call my life again...
I'm sick and I'm tired
Tired of the sleepless nights that will bring this on again...

Isolation is a lonely place to be
When you know nobody
Longing for a place where my mind can be at ease
Or you can't trust anyone

Thirty years in a mind that gives no heed
I was never free to choose my own life
My final act of autonomy is to die on my own terms
Track Name: Holiday - New Eyes For Old Things
I hold onto the smallest things...
Like the way we used to walk home
But it's not home anymore
I remember it well,
And this town haunts me now, because it still looks the same

But this place ain't our's anymore
So I'll see you in a while
Maybe the journey will help me rest my mind