Chestnut Road / New Alaska - Split 7"

by Chestnut Road / New Alaska



5 track Red vinyl 7" Limited to 300 copies.
Brassneck Records exclusive sleeve limited to 75 stickered / hand-numbered copies. Other un-stickered sleeve colours also available.

Following on from Chestnut Road's debut LP earlier this year, this 7" sees 2 brand new songs that are their best yet. Staying true to the style that we love there is plenty of Leatherface, Husker Du, Broccoli, Hooton 3 Car, etc worship going on here.

This is New Alaska's debut vinyl release and sees 3 of the songs from their amazing demo finally pressed on wax where they belong. Solid post hardcore with a heavy Dischord influence and a nod to bands such as Fugazi, Deerhoof, Shudder To Think, etc.


released August 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Brassneck Records Cardiff, UK

Brassneck Records began life in 2010 as a punk vinyl distro via a spare bedroom in a terraced house in Cardiff (UK). 2013 (finally) saw Brassneck attain "label" status with the release of the debut LP from Chestnut Road (technically the 3rd release on the label). ... more

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Track Name: New Alaska - Caustic
Kiss of death
You’re so unaware
Yet you know your evil
Will come
Evil will come,
Come, come
Evil will come.
We’re here to watch
The wicker burn.

It’s caustic
It’s glowing white
It’s caustic
Hey and it’s done

Fourteen years we’ve
Seen one side on
The dice of many.
Fourteen years we’ve
Seen one side
Now one side is
Too much.
Track Name: New Alaska - White Walls
Your white walls
We divide, we divide.
Four white cells
Unite to make
Something better.
Your white walls
Not too tall,
Foothold to scale.
Former voices can
Be heard
All across the
Forehead plains.

Cruel fiction, this is
Not my cruel fiction
Cruel fiction, Cruel
Fiction writes history.

You’d re-write history
If you could.
Oh be calm,
Oh be calm,
Oh be calm already
Track Name: New Alaska - Black Bones
Black Bones
Stress on the sole,
The ligaments.

The flesh, the flesh
And bones
The strength of
Your arms,
The aim of your heart
Shatters tiny parts.
This is your art,
Die for your art.
This structure arcs and
Breaks your...

Just when you think
You’re all washed out
Colours run like life’s
Sweat endeavours.
Take a pinch
Of your skin
Take a pinch because there’s nothing else.
Track Name: Chestnut Road - Trust
Playing this game
Doesn’t lead anywhere
Spending your time to care
If everything is now going well

You seem to be scared
Of sharing your pain,
How can you keep
All these things for yourself?

Nobody could win your trust and,
And you do not care.
So tell me what you’ve got to win then?
Only pain!

As a border
Which you’d be the keeper,
Appearances are safe
Nobody would think to cross the line.

Maybe sometimes
You wonder why,
Why you cannot tell
This single word to free yourself.

Trust me
So please let me in.
It’s not a matter of weakness.
Why are you still scared?
Track Name: Chestnut Road - Shell
Does anyone know
What happens in your head?
You’re cheating. Your body’s here
But your mind is now escaped
As a mirage, you leave our planet again.
Nobody questioned, nobody questioned yet.

“Complicated”, that’s the word you said
With your finger you drew a line
We couldn’t cross your mind.
Behind your eyes I can see this heaven
Your own shell to keep you out of this world.

Baring teeth when someone comes too close.
You know the world is wicked,
Pushed against your own wall.
Without regrets you leave our planet again.
As a mirage, we’re chasing a mirage.