BUZZorHOWL / Chestnut Road - Split 7"

by BUZZorHOWL / Chestnut Road



I think BUZZorHOWL sum their sound up nicely with the line "We heard guitar was in trouble. We came as soon as we could". But for those of you who need a little more, the band hail from the North West of England and include members of Drive and Jailcell Recipes. They released their debut 7" in 2013 (a split with Good Grief) on Drunken Sailor Records. This is their second release and it is killer.

Chestnut Road appear on this page quite a lot. And rightly so. Hopefully you know them already but, if not... they are a 3 piece from Toulouse, France and they play music that, if I was looking for an easy comparison, would say sounded loosely like a bunch of guys who love Leatherface and Broccoli. As such, Chestnut Road love Leatherface & Broccoli. And they are one of the best bands out there at the moment.

This is a split release with Boss Tuneage and is available on black 7" vinyl from both labels.


released February 28, 2014



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Brassneck Records Cardiff, UK

Brassneck Records began life in 2010 as a punk vinyl distro via a spare bedroom in a terraced house in Cardiff (UK). 2013 (finally) saw Brassneck attain "label" status with the release of the debut LP from Chestnut Road (technically the 3rd release on the label). ... more

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Track Name: Chestnut Road - Dust
Another picture,
Maybe older than the last
I put on this desk, a month earlier.

Do you fade away?
Your voice I can’t remember.
If my mind plays tricks on me,
How could I get better?

I look by the window
Brown leaves are falling
From the trees
Another season’s coming

Since you let me down
The clock seems to be broken.
I keep on pinching myself
To leave this bad dream.

Another winter
Maybe colder than the last
Because you leave me a year earlier.

Do you fade away?
Your voice I can’t remember.
If my mind plays tricks on me,
How could I get better?
Track Name: Chestnut Road - Swallows Flight
I took a walk to fill the void there’s in my heart.
Ready to dive in the unknown,
As the wanderer above the sea of fog.

It’s far from home that I want to live
But close from you whom I don’t see.
Far from home anywhere it could be.
It takes time to make enemies.

In the way memories were the first borders to cross.
Maybe I want to forget that before the leaves turn red
I’ll remember
There’s no more tunnel, no more light,
Only my dreams and the future bright.

It’s time to go in this room I can’t breathe.
Remembering the places where I’ve never been.
Far from home, anywhere it could be.
There’s not enough mountain for me to see.

Before being here, I was already gone.
I’m already gone.